We believe that every human being has a right to health and health care.

Our mission is to promote policies and support programs that strengthen government primary health care and foster social, economic, and health equity for all. Our vision is a just world that promotes health and well-being, including universal access to quality health care.
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Our Model in Action

Health Alliance International (HAI) is recognized globally as an organization that combines a service ethic and solidarity with the critical thinking and rigor of its academic base. For over 27 years, HAI has provided substantial support and solidarity to our government partners to strengthen primary health care. Central to HAI’s mission is supporting the public sector, which is especially important in the face of decades of austerity and privatization imposed on these governments.

HAI’s alliances with ministries of health improve government capacity to measure performance, improve quality, and expand the scope of their services. In every country, HAI’s in-country staff work within Ministry offices and are considered key partners in designing, implementing and evaluating health programs. Additionally, HAI provides training for all levels – both locally and at the University of Washington.

HAI is one of the nine centers in the Department of Global Health at the University of Washington.


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