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Join us In Welcoming Our New Executive Director

Posted: Jun 28, 2013 · Posted by: Carlos Dominguez, HAI Board President

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

We are pleased to announce that James Pfeiffer has been selected as the new Executive Director of Health Alliance International.  James’ commitment to social justice and health equity has been made clear through twenty years of work on HAI’s behalf, most recently as HAI’s Director of Mozambique Programs. He brings an outstanding portfolio of field work, advocacy, research, teaching and administrative skills to this position.  James will begin his service as Executive Director on July 1, 2013

James is a medical anthropologist and public health practitioner with interests in health systems strengthening, social justice in health, the role of NGOs in global health and the influence of Pentecostal churches in the response to HIV/AIDS.  He is also an Associate Professor in the Departments of Global Health and Anthropology at UW.  James has broad experience in the effort to strengthen health services in developing countries with a focus on Mozambique, and is particularly interested in improving our understanding of the effectiveness of delivery strategies through implementation science.  James began with HAI as country coordinator in Mozambique for nearly four years in the 1990s.  He has published extensively on his work with HAI, and mentors students to conduct their academic efforts on HAI projects.  James plans to continue HAI’s efforts to work through health systems to address social inequality in the countries where we work.  

Beginning in 1987, Steve Gloyd led the formation of Mozambique Health Committee (later renamed HAI to reflect the addition of new countries) as a nonprofit organization to support the health system of the government of Mozambique during the war and devastation caused by RENAMO, the South African created rebel group.  In the 1990s he headed up HAI expansion to new countries (Timor-Leste, Cote d’Ivoire, Colombia and Sudan) to help strengthen their Primary Health Care systems.  With increased support, HAI has been able to expand the access and quality of health care delivery for pregnant women, persons living with HIV and AIDS in Mozambique, and to improve malaria and tuberculosis control.  Steve has never flagged in his efforts to address issues of equity and social justice as key elements in the process of improving health, and we expect that emphasis to continue as he transitions to a new role as HAI’s Senior Advisor and active team member in supporting the development and activities of the organization.  Steve will continue being a leading figure in the global health community where over the years he has served as advisor and consultant for numerous international organizations and has received numerous awards and honors.   He will also continue in his role as Professor and Associate Chair for education and curriculum in the department of Global Health at the University of Washington.  We all are grateful for Steve’s contribution in the Global Health community, his work and dedication has demonstrated the priceless value of commitment and solidarity for the betterment of the communities HAI has served throughout the years during his tenure.  

We welcome James Pfeiffer as the new Executive Director of Health Alliance International and extend our congratulations and support in his new role as we look forward to the future contributions of HAI towards the global promotion and improvement of people’s health.


Carlos Domínguez, President

HAI Board of Directors

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