Your privacy is important to us. The web site is owned and operated by Health Alliance International, a U.S. nonprofit organization.

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What Personal Information is Collected

We collect information from our users at several different points on our web site:

  • When users sign up for our email updates mailing list
  • When job or volunteer applicants enter information in our online application forms
  • When users share their names or email in the process of posting a comment on the web site
  • When users join our Facebook group, information is available per the user’s Facebook settings and Facebook’s privacy policies


A cookie is a small packet of information that Health Alliance International puts on your computer’s hard drive whenever a user visits our web site. For each visitor to our web site, our server automatically recognizes the following:

  • Your IP address
  • How you were referred to our web site
  • The pages you have viewed
  • Browser type (e.g., Firefox)
  • Platform dependant information (e.g., Windows XP)
  • Session data, which is closed upon closing the browser (e.g., length of time spent on a page)
  • We also use Google Analytics to analyze traffic to this web site. These analytic services do not create individual profiles for visitors. They collect only aggregate data. For more information about Google Analytics, click here.

How the Information is Used

Email addresses are used to send periodic email updates and respond to volunteer applications, depending on where the user provided the address on our site. Cookies are used to monitor the traffic on our web site so we can keep track of which pages are most frequently visited and allow us to improve the user experience. Comments are used to revise, correct, update, and evaluate the content of our web site.

How the Information is Protected

Health Alliance International does not sell, rent, share, swap or otherwise disclose any Personal Information to third parties. If we are required to disclose information collected from our users in response to any legal process issued by a court, we will comply with the legal process after giving notice to any users affected by it unless a court order prohibits such notice.