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When People Come First: Critical Studies in Global Health

When People Come FirstEdited by João Biehl & Adriana Petryna. Published by Princeton University Press, Princeton. 2013. ISBN#9780691157399.

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Available through the publisher, Princeton University Press. $29.95/ISBN: 9780691157399. eBook/ISBN 9781400846801

Book Description

When People Come First critically assesses the expanding field of global health. The book brings together an international and interdisciplinary group of scholars to address the medical, social, political, and economic dimensions of the global health enterprise through vivid case studies and bold conceptual work. It demonstrates the crucial role of ethnography as an empirical lantern in global health, arguing for a more comprehensive, people-centered approach. For more information please click on the books website


João Biehl & Adriana Petryna


Vincanne Adams, Joseph J. Amon, João Biehl, Marcos Cueto, Stefan Ecks, Didier Fassin, Michael M. J. Fischer, Clara Han, Ian Harper, Julie Livingston, Lotte Meinert, Amy Moran-Thomas, Adriana Petryna, James Pfeiffer, Susan Reynolds Whyte, Jenipher Twebaze, Ian Whitmarsh, Michael A. Whyte.

Table of Contents

Critical Global Health
João biehl and adriana petryna 


  • Chapter 1: A Return to the Magic Bullet?

Malaria and Global Health in the Twenty- First Century 
Marcos Cueto 

  • Chapter 2: Evidence- Based Global Public Health

Subjects, Profits, Erasures
Vincanne Adams 

  • Chapter 3: The “Right to Know” or “Know Your Rights”?

Human Rights and a People- Centered Approach to Health Policy
Joseph j. Amon 

  • Chapter 4: Children as Victims

The Moral Economy of Childhood in the Times of AIDS
Didier Fassin 


  • Chapter 5: Therapeutic Clientship

Belonging in Uganda’s Projectified Landscape of AIDS Care
Susan Reynolds Whyte, Michael A. Whyte, Lotte Meinert, and Jenipher Twebaze

  • Chapter 6: The Struggle for a Public Sector

PEPFAR in Mozambique
James Pfeiffer

  • Chapter 7: The Next Epidemic

Pain and the Politics of Relief in Botswana’s Cancer Ward
Julie Livingston 

  • Chapter 8: A Salvage Ethnography of the Guinea Worm

Witchcraft, Oracles and Magic in a Disease Eradication Program
Amy Moran-Thomas 


  • Chapter 9: Public- Private Mixes

The Market for Anti- Tuberculosis Drugs in India
Stefan Ecks and Ian Harper 

  • Chapter 10: Labor Instability and Community Mental Health

The Work of Pharmaceuticals in Santiago, Chile
Clara Han 

  • Chapter 11: The Ascetic Subject of Compliance

The Turn to Chronic Diseases in Global Health
Ian Whitmarsh 

  • Chapter 12: Legal Remedies

Therapeutic Markets and the Judicialization of the Right to Health
João Biehl and Adriana Petryna 


  • The Peopling of Technologies

Michael M. J. Fischer 

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