Publication Date:

01 Sep 2006


Mola OD, Mercer MA, Asghar RJ, Sherr K, Sherr S, Micek MA, Gloyd SS (2006) Condom use after voluntary counselling and testing in Central Mozambique. Tropical Medicine and International Health.2006; 11(2):176–181.



To evaluate the efficacy of voluntary counselling and testing (VCT) for HIV/AIDS inchanging risky sexual behaviour in central Mozambique.

Longitudinal cohort study of men and women aged at least 18 years from October 2002 toJune 2003. We interviewed 622 participants in VCT groups and 598 in non-VCT groups. The interviewsoccurred before counselling and 4 and 6 months afterwards.

Reported use of condoms while having sex with a friends/prostitute increased over each timeperiod in the VCT group and between baseline and first visit in the non-VCT group. Both men andwomen in the VCT group increased their condom use over time, but the women in the non-VCT groupdid not. Reported always/sometimes use of condoms for both literate and illiterate subjects was higherand rose over time in the VCT group.

People who undergo voluntary counselling and testing fro HIV/AIDS change theirbehaviour, presumably as a result of their counselling.


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