Publication Date:

01 Feb 2001


Newman LM, Miguel F, Jemusse BB, Macome AC, Newman RD. (2001) HIV seroprevalence among military blood donors in Manica Province, Mozambique. International Journal of STD & AIDS. 12(4):225-8.



HIV seroprevalence data show an alarming HIV situation in central Mozambique, but little is known about the situation of HIV in Mozambican military personnel. This study is a retrospective analysis of laboratory records for voluntary blood donors at a rural hospital from January 1997 through December 1999. The hospital screened blood samples with HIV SPOT rapid test for HIV and rapid plasma reagin (RPR) serological test for syphilis. Of the 797 blood donors during this period, 110 (13.8%) were military personnel of whom 39.1% were HIV positive (35.0% in 1997, 33.3% in 1998 and 48.7% in 1999). Among the 687 nonmilitary donors 15.3% were HIV positive (P<0.0001 vs military). 74.4% of HIV-positive military personnel were also RPR positive. Conversely, only 3.0% of HIV-negative military donors were RPR positive. In light of the high rates of HIV and syphilis in military personnel, aggressive intervention measures must be taken to prevent and treat HIV and STDs in this population.  

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