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International People’s Health University.
Global Health Watch Book Launch.
Police Violence Panel.
TEDx Talk – Transcending Technology in Global Health.
Lectures by Pramila Jayapal, Ivo Garrido, Jim Kim, Stephen Lewis, and more!

These are just a few of the engaging and exciting events that HAI has helped organize or contributed to in recent years. We’ll post upcoming events right here and on social media.

On December 17th, HAI hosted the virtual event:


Joined by friends of HAI, we talked about what a truly global response looks like, where we should be looking for examples of success, and where we might expect to run into some fairly large systemic barriers to an effective & equitable response.

In fact, there was so much to cover that we are planning to host more of these public conversations. And we want to know what you think we need to say out loud.


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HAI’s searchable publication library contains decades of research findings, program reports, op-eds, academic journal articles, media coverage and more.

Validity and item response theory properties of the Patient Health Questionnaire-9 for primary care depression screening in Mozambique

Cumbe VFJ, Muanido A, Manaca MN, Fumo H, Chiruca P, Hicks L, Mari JJ, Wagenaar BH

Tags: Mental Health, Mozambique, Implementation Research

Global health systems partnerships: a mixed methods analysis of Mozambique’s HPV vaccine delivery network actors

Soi C, Shearer J, Chilundo B, Muchanga V, Matsinhe L, Gimbel S, Sherr K

Tags: Mozambique, Program Evaluation, Reproductive Health

Challenges and facilitators to evidence-based decision-making for maternal and child health in Mozambique: district, municipal and national case studies

Inguane C, Sawadogo-Lewis LT, Chaquisse E, Roberton T, Ngale K, Fernandes Q, Dinis A, Augusto O, Covele A, Hicks L, Gremu A, Sherr K

Tags: Mozambique, Maternal & Child Health, Leadership & Management, Systems Improvement

HIV-exposed infant follow-up in Mozambique: formative research findings for the design of a cluster randomized controlled trial to improve testing and ART initiation.

Vieira L, Miloque M, Napua M, Chale F, Manuel JL, Cowan JG, Sherr K, Chapman RR, Pfeiffer J

Tags: Mozambique, HIV/AIDS, Implementation Research

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