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HAI Celebrates its 30th Anniversary with Friends, Family, and Marimba

Oct 13, 2017


On Friday October 6th, Health Alliance International was joined by students, staff, friends, collaborators, and family to celebrate 30 years of working in solidarity with ministries of health while advocating for primary health care through public-sector health systems around the world.

In a nod to the musical origins of the organization, the event featured the Vawachi Marimba Ensemble (including HAI founder Dr. Steve Gloyd) and a whole lot of dancing!

Dr. Nancy Anderson, HAI’s first overseas staff member and current HAI Board Member, was awarded the HAI George Povey Award in recognition of her outstanding volunteer support and her courage, dedication, and commitment in the struggle for equity and quality health for all.

Viva Solidarity!

Viva Equity!

Viva Health Alliance International!

Stand with HAI

Stand with HAI

Our Mission

Our mission is to promote policies and support programs that strengthen government primary health care and foster social, economic, and health equity for all. Our vision is a just world that promotes health and well-being, including universal access to quality health care.

Our History

Health Alliance International began in 1987 as a US-based international solidarity organization committed to supporting the public sector provision of health care for all.  Over 35 years, HAI conducted programs in 17 countries, with flagship programs in Mozambique, Côte d'Ivoire, and Timor-Leste.

Our Evolution

In line with HAI’s commitment to support and strengthen local public health leadership, as of October 2021, HAI fully transitioned global operations and active programs to locally-based, locally-led NGOs. Learn more about this shift toward local autonomy and equity in global health.

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