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Health Alliance International (HAI) is a Seattle-based global health nonprofit and a Center of the Department of Global Health at the University of Washington. HAI designs, implements, and evaluates programs that strengthen public sector health systems and promote primary health care in partnership with Ministries of Health.

Health Alliance International was founded in 1987 in Seattle, WA as a solidarity organization supporting Mozambique’s newly formed National Health Service.  Today, HAI’s country offices in Mozambique, Côte d’Ivoire, and Timor-Leste work in direct partnership with national and regional health system leadership to identify health system improvements that respond to local priorities. HAI’s global experience includes successful implementation of more than 100 grant-funded programs across four continents.

James Pfeiffer, PhD, MPH currently serves as HAI’s Executive Director.  Dr. Pfeiffer has served as Executive Director of Health Alliance International since 2013, and is also Professor in the Department of Global health in the School of Public Health, with a joint appointment in the Department of Anthropology at the University of Washington. Dr. Pfeiffer earned his PhD in Anthropology and his MPH at UCLA. He has 25+ years of research experience in medical anthropology and public health in Africa.

More information about HAI’s History, Model, Current program and research portfolio, Advocacy efforts and more can be found on the HAI website:

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Latest Press Releases

New partnership to give Mozambique’s highest risk spaces a new attitude toward COVID-19

Maputo, Mozambique: Mozambique’s most crowded public markets and transport centers are about to become COVID-19 info centers. This month, Health Alliance International announced a new partnership with Mozambique’s Ministry of Health to share information about the risks of COVID-19 and how people can protect themselves in high-risk public spaces…

HAI Launches Project SPEED

Beira, Mozambique:  Today—exactly nine months since Cyclone Idai hit Central Mozambique—Health Alliance International announced the launch of Project SPEED (Strengthening Provincial-level Epidemiological Expertise for Disaster response).  This $150,000 grant from the Center for Disaster Relief’s Global Recovery Fund aims to respond to medium- and long-term recovery priorities of Mozambique’s health system…

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Stand with HAI


When you support Health Alliance International, you take a stand for a more equitable and respectful model of global health. Your donation not only helps us expand our reach, it is an investment in our shared values of health equity and solidarity. 

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Our alliance is made up of supporters, partners, staff, and volunteers who share our commitment to universal access to quality health care. Just like a health system, every person plays a role in keeping us working toward this ultimate goal. Will you join us? 

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The kind of change we seek requires sustained action.  Whether you want to engage in HAI's advocacy work or help spread HAI's mission and model, we rely on our friends and supporters to stand beside us when we stand up for equity in global health.

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