Our People

HAI’s commitment to equity extends to our staff, volunteers, and partners. We do our part to follow the NGO Code of Conduct in our hiring practices, so that our presence reinforces the existing government health system, rather than draining resources from it.

Isaías Ramiro

Country Director - MZ

Maria Clara Braga Adriano

Director of Administration and Finance - MZ

Mery Agostinho

Study Nurse

Marcelo Caetano

HR Assistant

Georgina Manuel de Castro

Project Coordinator

Amido Charama

Study Nurse

Rogério Chiáu

Project Coordinator

Maxinel Chidacua

Study Nurse

Sandra Chirinza


Maria Joana Coutinho

Project Coordinator

Alberto Ernesto Cristovao


Maria Emília de Sá Almeida da Cruz

Study Nurse

Tomo Ernesto


Maria Felicidade Faria

Project Assistant

Maria Isabel Fernando


Florencia Floriano

MCH Advisor

Huneiza Omar Giva


Artur Charles David Gremu

M&E Coordinator

Nely Guambe


Salimo Huó

Data Assistant

Stand with HAI

Stand with HAI


When you support Health Alliance International, you take a stand for a more equitable and respectful model of global health. Your donation not only helps us expand our reach, it is an investment in our shared values of health equity and solidarity. 

Join the Alliance

Our alliance is made up of supporters, partners, staff, and volunteers who share our commitment to universal access to quality health care. Just like a health system, every person plays a role in keeping us working toward this ultimate goal. Will you join us? 

Get Engaged

The kind of change we seek requires sustained action.  Whether you want to engage in HAI's advocacy work or help spread HAI's mission and model, we rely on our friends and supporters to stand beside us when we stand up for equity in global health.

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Didn't find what you were looking for?