Harmonia: Communities Ending Gender-Based Violence

With an aim to end gender-based violence, the Harmonia Activity is shifting cultural norms at the community level and introducing gender-sensitive health services in Timor-Leste’s public clinics.


As of October 2021, HAI fully transferred all global operations and active Timor-Leste programs to HAMNASA, an independent local Timorese NGO with a board, leadership, and staff that reflects the communities they serve.

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In Timor-Leste, gender inequality and discrimination, patriarchal traditions, and a recent history of armed conflict are strong drivers of widespread violence against women. In Liquiçá Municipality, half of married or previously married women have experienced emotional, physical and/or sexual violence by a spouse. In neighboring Ermera Municipality, that number is closer to 3 out of 5, about twice the global average

In response, USAID identified Health Alliance International, and subsequently HAMNASA, to lead the implementation of Harmonia Activity, a multi-sector collaborative project that aims to reduce gender-based violence (GBV) in Ermera and Liquiçá municipalities by engaging communities and health providers in a coordinated effort to shift social norms of GBV and foster conflict resolution.  The core strategies of Harmonia—community microplanning and Learning Lab-based training for government health providers—target 30 high impact sucos (villages) and doctors, midwives, and nurses working in community health centers and health posts across both municipalities.

HAMNASA will work closely with Timorese public institutions (Ministry of Health, National Institute of Health, Ministry of Social Solidarity and Inclusion, Secretary of State for Equality and Inclusion), the United Nations Population Fund,  community and religious leaders, and local organizations that specialize in legal, economic, psychosocial, and education services for women, youth, and families.


In December 2020, HAI completed a Gender Equality & Social Inclusion Analysis to gather information that will inform the activities of Harmonia under HAMNASA’s leadership over the next several years.  

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[2020-2021] Harmonia: Communities Ending Gender-based Violence [project transferred to HAMNASA for continuation]

This project received funding support from the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) via the People-to-People Reconciliation fund.


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