Strategic Information Improvement in Mozambique Fellowship Program

The Strategic Information Improvement in Mozambique (SIIM) fellowship program was designed to address critical health systems gaps in the collection, management, and use of malaria data for decision-making.

A critical component of any health information system is the people who collect, manage, and analyze health data.  The SIIM fellowship program [2014-2018] focused on building the capacity of Mozambique’s monitoring and evaluation (M&E) workforce. The project supported 42 SIIM Fellows who received training in strategic information (SI) and M&E principles and were placed in 8-month internships at government and international health agencies.

One team worked to strengthen the quality of routinely reported malaria data at the health facility, district, and provincial levels and its use for decision making at regular district-level stakeholder engagement meetings. Stakeholder meetings increased collaboration between national, provincial, district, and municipal health system staff, provided opportunities to share best practices and lessons learned, and strengthened leadership and strategic information competencies at the facility level.  This was highlighted by increases of more than 10 percentage points in data availability and concordance in both Sofala and Manica provinces in one year.

Ultimately, the program was able to bolster SI/M&E skillsets, while substantially improving the systems that track and inform policy on major health system priorities, such as HIV and malaria, in Sofala and Manica provinces.

As a member of the first cohort of SIIM fellows, Emiliano completed an 8-month internship in Beira Central Hospital’s Statistics Department.


“If the training did not include the internship, we would have just learned the theories in class, and without the internship it would be incomplete.”

– Emiliano Bento Mussa, SIIM Fellowship Graduate

Institutions Involved in SIIM Fellowship

Direcção Provincial Saúde de Sofala
Hospital Central da Beira
SDSMAS Gorongosa
SDSMAS Nhamatanda
Hospital Provincial de Chimoio
SDSMAS Gondola
SDSMAS Chimoio
Hospital Provincial de Tete
DPS Tete
SDSMAS Moatize
Friends in Global Health
World Vision
Save the Children

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[2014-2018] Strengthening Data Systems to Improve Delivery of Health Services in Mozambique.

This project received funding support from the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).

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