Research & Evaluation

At HAI, our research didn’t just ask if something works, it asked how and for whom it works in practice.

As a Center of the University of Washington’s Department of Global Health, HAI served as a home institution for world leaders in implementation science and health systems research.  We used that standing and access to establish and disseminate evidence of programs and interventions that improve access to and quality of health care delivery. 

By making certain our research and evaluations were always conducted in partnership with Ministries of Health and local public research institutions, HAI research activities served the dual purpose of producing evidence and building local research capacity.  This strategy in line with HAI’s model ensured that data and analyses were already in the hands of those in a position to use them. 

Learn more about HAI’s expertise and track record in Implementation Science research and Program Evaluation.


Implementation Science is a systematic, scientific research approach that asks: How does this work in practice? Often, we think of Implementation Science as reducing the “know-do gap;” or, how to get “what we know works” to those who need it with the greatest speed, fidelity, efficiency, and coverage. 

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TitleAuthored ByYearFile Typecountry_hfiltertopic_hfilter
Oral contraceptive use and premenstrual syndrome among sexually active female university students in CameroonAkoku DA, Vukugah TA, Tihnje MA, Nzubepie IB2020otherreproductive-health
Modified DOT to Facilitate HAART Adherence in Beira Development and implementationPearson C, Micek M, Gloyd S2006mozambiquehiv-aids
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How to evaluate the implementation of complex health programmes in low-income settings: the approach of the Gavi Full Country EvaluationsSoi C, Shearer JC, Budden A, Carnahan E, Salisbury N, Asiimwe G, Chilundo B, Sarma H, Gimbel G, Simuyemba M, Uddin J, Masiye F, Kamya M, Hozumi D, Rajaratnam JK, Lim SS2020mozambique othermaternal-child-health program-evaluation
Harmonia Activity – Gender Equality and Social Inclusion (GESI) AnalysisWild K, Ingham X, Amir L, Thompson S, Fernades E, Wohlman A2020timor-lestematernal-child-health reproductive-health program-evaluation
Optimizing treatment cascades for mental healthcare in Mozambique: preliminary effectiveness of the Systems Analysis and Improvement Approach for Mental Health (SAIA-MH)Fabian KE, Muanido A, Cumbe VFJ, Manaca N, Hicks L, Weiner BJ, Sherr K, Wagenaar BH2020mozambiquemental-health research systems-improvement
Reflection on modern methods: a common error in the segmented regression parameterization of interrupted time-series analysesXiao H, Augusto O, Wagenaar BH2020otherresearch
Press Release: New partnership to give Mozambique’s highest risk spaces a new attitude toward COVID-19HAI2020mozambiquesystems-improvement
Using community health workers for facility and community based TB case finding: An evaluation in central MozambiqueJosé B, Manhiça I, Jones J, Mutaquiha C, Zindoga P, Eduardo I, Creswell J, Qin ZZ, Ramis O, Ramiro I, Chidacua M, Cowan J2020mozambiquetuberculosis program-evaluation
Validity and item response theory properties of the Patient Health Questionnaire-9 for primary care depression screening in Mozambique (PHQ-9-MZ)Cumbe VFJ, Muanido A, Manaca MN, Fumo H, Chiruca P, Hicks L, Mari JJ, Wagenaar BH2020mozambiquemental-health research
HIV-exposed infant follow-up in Mozambique: formative research findings for the design of a cluster randomized controlled trial to improve testing and ART initiation.Vieira L, Miloque M, Napua M, Chale F, Manuel JL, Cowan JG, Sherr K, Chapman RR, Pfeiffer J2020mozambiquehiv-aids research
Global health systems partnerships: a mixed methods analysis of Mozambique’s HPV vaccine delivery network actorsSoi C, Shearer J, Chilundo B, Muchanga V, Matsinhe L, Gimbel S, Sherr K2020mozambiquereproductive-health program-evaluation
Challenges and facilitators to evidence-based decision-making for maternal and child health in Mozambique: district, municipal and national case studiesInguane C, Sawadogo-Lewis LT, Chaquisse E, Roberton T, Ngale K, Fernandes Q, Dinis A, Augusto O, Covele A, Hicks L, Gremu A, Sherr K2020mozambiquematernal-child-health leadership systems-improvement
Making smarter decisions faster: systems engineering to improve the global public health response to HIVWagner AD, Crocker J, Liu S, Cherutich P, Gimbel S, Fernandes Q, Mugambi M, Asbjornsdottir K, Masyuko S, Wagenaar BH, Nduati R, Sherr K2019otherhiv-aids systems-improvement
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Evaluating and optimizing the Consolidated Framework for Implementation Research (CFIR) for use in low- and middle-income countries: A systematic reviewMeans AR, Kemp CG, Gwayi-Chore M, Gimbel S, Soi C, Sherr K, Wagenaar B, Wasserheit J, Weiner B2020otherresearch program-evaluation systems-improvement
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Critical perspectives on global health partnerships in AfricaInguane CA2018cote-divoire mozambique united-statesadvocacy systems-improvement
NGOs, austerity, and universal health coverage in MozambiquePfeiffer J, Chapman RR2019mozambique otherhiv-aids advocacy systems-improvement
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Connecting mothers to care: Effectiveness and scale-up of an mHealth program in Timor-LesteThompson S, Mercer MA, Hofstee M, Stover B, Vasconcelos P, Meyanathan S2019timor-lestematernal-child-health mhealth program-evaluation
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Stand with HAI

Stand with HAI

Our Mission

Our mission is to promote policies and support programs that strengthen government primary health care and foster social, economic, and health equity for all. Our vision is a just world that promotes health and well-being, including universal access to quality health care.

Our History

Health Alliance International began in 1987 as a US-based international solidarity organization committed to supporting the public sector provision of health care for all.  Over 35 years, HAI conducted programs in 17 countries, with flagship programs in Mozambique, Côte d'Ivoire, and Timor-Leste.

Our Evolution

In line with HAI’s commitment to support and strengthen local public health leadership, as of October 2021, HAI fully transitioned global operations and active programs to locally-based, locally-led NGOs. Learn more about this shift toward local autonomy and equity in global health.

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