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Why you should join HAI’s Viva! Circle

Jul 1, 2020


In 2020, HAI launched the Viva! Circle, a group of donors who commit to our shared values by way of a monthly gift to HAI. Importantly, there is no minimum monthly contribution to join the Viva! Circle, because we recognize that support for our mission isn’t measured by the depth of your pockets.

Why join the Viva! Circle?

Since 1987, HAI has relied, with great success, on large and small grants to fund the majority of our work.

Those 100+ grants have helped HAI test and scale-up a nationally integrated mHealth communication tool for Timorese midwives and families; expand and integrate HIV care and treatment throughout Mozambique and Côte d’Ivoire’s health systems; establish tools for using data to inform adaptive decision-making in health care planning and delivery; and direct resources and attention to the burdens of trauma, depression, and gender-based violence on mental and physical health.

But grants take time and planning. They have guardrails.

And, as 2020 made clear, the world has a tendency to call for direct action now.

Reliable, regular, flexible income—the kind that comes from the Viva! Circle—helps HAI address all three of these barriers to enacting our mission. With your support, we can:

  • Put more time and energy into leveraging new resources that directly address the priorities of our MOH partners;
  • Expand the impact of our active and future programs by extending the work beyond the grant scope, serving more people through an integrated, primary health care approach;
  • Respond quickly when new health threats emerge in the countries where we work;
  • Act now, advocating to equip, invest in, protect and reduce systemic barriers to public sector health systems through movement building and intersectional alliance.

People often want to know: How much of my donation will go directly to the work on the ground?

The quick answer is 88.3%. But, of course that is just an average.

At HAI, we believe that investing in coordinated, effective systems is how you ensure lasting change. That’s true for health care delivery and it’s true for a non-profit like ours.

So let me promise you this: while we don’t know precisely what need will arise next month, or the month after that, whatever part of your donation doesn’t go “directly to work on the ground,” will go into strengthening our own system, so that you know our work is backed by talented people, strong management, and effective financial stewardship.

Join HAI’s Viva! Circle. Because we lead with our values and we make good on Our Promises.




James Pfeiffer, PhD, MPH
Executive Director
Health Alliance International


Stand with HAI

Stand with HAI

Our Mission

Our mission is to promote policies and support programs that strengthen government primary health care and foster social, economic, and health equity for all. Our vision is a just world that promotes health and well-being, including universal access to quality health care.

Our History

Health Alliance International began in 1987 as a US-based international solidarity organization committed to supporting the public sector provision of health care for all.  Over 35 years, HAI conducted programs in 17 countries, with flagship programs in Mozambique, Côte d'Ivoire, and Timor-Leste.

Our Evolution

In line with HAI’s commitment to support and strengthen local public health leadership, as of October 2021, HAI fully transitioned global operations and active programs to locally-based, locally-led NGOs. Learn more about this shift toward local autonomy and equity in global health.

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